Thursday, August 4, 2016

Protect yourself against browser tracking

Private browsing is a part of today browsers. When you use private browsing, you expect to be anonymous and put no trace in the computer you're using, and also the websites you're browsing don't realize that its you browsing their website.

You can see how anonymous your web browser is using Panopticlick website. If you have Flash player or Java installed, you most probably have a unique browser which can lead to your identification. 'List of plugins', 'List of system fonts', 'Java version', 'Timezone' together make your browser unique.

You can use the following sources to improve your browser tracking protection:

Disable font enumeration for firefox
Disable font enumeration for Chrome

Disable Plugin enumeration

Update 1: A dear friend mentioned the following privacy leaks:

- WebRTC, How to disable them in Firefox
- Disable WebGL
- Canvas Fingerprinting ( Canvas Blocker for firefox -> Install and set the block mode to : Block readout API)

With the above configurations, Panopticlick now says "Yes! You have strong protection against Web tracking."

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