Sunday, August 13, 2017

How to proxy EVERYTHING in LINUX / MacOS

I had setup my ubuntu box to use a socks / https proxy for all the traffic and it was working fine except for a few softwares such as Teamviewer for ubuntu , and teamviewer proxy settings was not functioning either ! So I had to either manually route teamviewer subnets to use a vpn adapter such as softether or find an easy way to REALLY forward all the traffic through a proxy server . sshuttle   was my friend here ! so could finally set a TRUE GLOBAL proxy by installing sshuttle :

pip install -y sshuttle

and proxying everything :

sshuttle -r ketab

where ketab is the name of the ssh connection in your ssh config file . One windows one can use Softether for such an incident to proxy everything through a vpn tunnel . To proxy a specific port, you can use the following command :

sshuttle -r ketab

where 5938 is the port number

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